The Locked Room is a live puzzle game experience. You and your team will need to work together to find hidden clues, solve puzzles and crack codes to ensure you escape in time.



Ideal for friends, family, or colleagues. Partner up and work together in teams of 2, 3 or 4 players to escape the room before the alarm is activated. Think laterally and don’t crack under pressure!



You have only 60 minutes to escape the room! Your team is constantly challenged, from the second you enter to the moment you escape. This experience will challenge all levels of ability.


1950s Cold War Codebreaker

Step back into the 1950s; an era of covert operations and encrypted secrets. Your team has located the enemy’s hidden operations room. The door locks behind you and you are trapped.... Can you solve the puzzles, disable the alarm and escape before you're caught?

Radio tower transmitting

Brilliant escape room, great fun to do!

This is brilliant fun and really well done...
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Had a great time!

...would definitely recommend you give it a go if you are in Taupo...
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Fantastic Fun!

...would definitely do again...
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are we really trapped inside a locked room?

No. You will be shown the emergency exit before you start The Locked Room. You can leave at any time.

Am I likely to feel claustrophobic?

Our room is built inside a shipping container, which is surprisingly large on the inside. The room is well lit and open plan so it is unlikely you will feel claustrophobic. In the event you feel the need to leave, you can safely exit the room at any time.

What age group is the game suited to?

The puzzles can be quite challenging so we recommended participants be aged sixteen years and above.

Why do you prevent people from taking photos?

We ask you not to take photos inside the room because we want to keep it a secret. The mystery of what’s inside the room is part of the experience.